A Weed-Inspired Journey (Part 1)

“Serenity now!” – Frank Costanza; 159th episode of Seinfeld


*Before I begin, let me apologize to those of you who happened upon this blog in search of another kind of weed. I’m only talkin’ ’bout DAMN WEEDS that invade carefully landscaped yards here.


It all started after what ended up being a life-changing spring break trip with my family. Somehow, I finally came to the realization that I had reached the point to where I was tired of being exhausted, and I was ready for dramatic change. I was weary of the seemingly endless cycle of stress which had increased over the years along with our piles and mounds of clutter, dust bunnies, to-do lists, and in general, our loads of “stuff”. I found myself asking, “There has to be more to life than all this, RIGHT?” (BTW, Hellz yeah, there is!)

This is our story and an accounting of our journey to find a more simple way of living. It’s about our quest to seek out life balance and discover whether it really exists, or if it’s as elusive as Shangri-lah or the Lost City of Atlantis.


Our accommodations in Marfa, TX: a 1950’s beautifully restored Spartan Trailer Coach “The Imperial Mansion”. If I ever run away from home, this is probably where you’ll find me. (Photo courtesy of: http://farylamadeus.tumblr.com/)

Now, for a little background…though I had dreamed of a simpler way of life for years, I was inspired to truly step into action by our Spring Break stay at a unique campground & vintage trailer community in Marfa, Texas, called El Cosmico. Upon first glance, when you arrive at El Cosmico, it looks a little “ghetto”. It’s not until you settle in and start noticing the details and intricacies that you recognize the simple beauty and creative design of this communal outpost in the West Texas desert.

My whole family, even my 9-year old son, seemed to truly and deeply appreciate the artful and thoughtful design behind this whole project. It was impossible to not to de-stress and decompress. Everything was so simple, so beautiful, so quiet. I could actually hear myself think. I found interesting little thoughts and ideas of what once was an extremely creative mind begin to seep back into my over-stimulated brain.

While there, I thought to myself “This is how I want to live, everyday. I want more than just to enjoy this amazing feeling a mere TWO DAYS out of the year.” My thoughts turned to our huge energy consuming home back in the suburbs of Austin, our ½ acre of manicured lawn which needed regular mowing, watering & weeding and our “stuff” which filled every closet, attic and storage area of our nearly 4,000 square foot abode. A little excessive for a family of three, don’t you think? Looking back, it was excessive for a family of eight.

Buzzkill. Thinking of our home in the ‘burbs was seriously killing my buzz and my hippie-esque dreams of living like a free-spirit. So I shut down that side of my brain, tapped into my Buddhist/Zen-ness and proceeded to live in the moment for the rest of our stay at El Cosmico. It’s still one of the most memorable times of my life. I felt like I was able to capture some of my youthful ferver, creativity, energy and carefree-ness. You know what I’m talking about – remember the way your brain USED to work before you became consumed with adulthood? Work life. Home life. Life balance. Those silly (yet seemingly never-ending) to do lists, iElectronics, news, media, carpooling, scheduling, social engagements, homework, bookkeeping, bill paying, and all the other “important” aspects of living it up in middle America. Yet, somehow, I managed to purge all of those things, including the damn weeds, from my mind.

Ahhhhh, I had achieved the “Serenity now!” that Frank Costanza kept yelling about when he was trying to keep his blood pressure down in that 159th episode of Seinfeld. It was wonderful. It was bliss.


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Peace Owt & Word to Your Mutha Earth,



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  2. Jim Hearne
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    Ash..there are not many of your age wave who have a 70 year old uncle who still enjoys a little “420” now and again!

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      420 is way better for you than any of that toxic crud big pharma puts out there!

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